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There are very few firms who provide an independent investment consultancy service who do not also wish to provide clients with investment advice on either a discretionary or advisory basis. This muddies the waters.

As its name would suggest, the service we offer is purely a consultancy one. No investment advice is given, and we are not paid commission or introductory fees by any third party.

Free Initial Consultation

Initial Service

  • Before appointing any investment management firm or private bank, it is important to consider a number of alternative firms. It could cost you a lot of money if you get this decisions wrong. Many people do. By using our service you can avoid being one of them.
  • Firstly, we would establish your appetite for risk and prepare a crystal-clear mandate for potential investment manager(s). It is important that they have a clear understanding of your expectations from them
  • Explain industry definitions of “risk”. This will greatly influence any firm’s investment proposals for you
  • Establish any income or known future capital requirements you may have
  • Identify your long-term goals and those for your wider family. This may mean that more than one investment approach should be adopted for different elements of your portfolio
  • Help you to select an appropriate number of investment managers to submit outline proposals in advance of meeting you. This may include firms that you would like to consider such as your existing IFA (if you have one) and maybe your bank. Furthermore, from my knowledge of the market, I would suggest that you include a spread of firms offering different investment styles
  • Review and precis all written proposals, and help you to shortlist those managers who will be invited to meet you and formally present their proposals
  • Attend the presentation meeting
  • Assist you in evaluating the different presentations and to fully understand each manager’s proposition. This is particularly important in relation to any investments being proposed that you are not familiar with (known as alternative investments)
  • Assist you in negotiating fees with each manager before a final appointment is made. This will help offset both my initial fee and any ongoing fees should you decide to retain my services. In-fact the saving you make may well more than pay for these
  • Issue each manager with agreed Benchmarks against which their performance will be measured
  • Cost – a one off flat fee or hourly rate agreed in advance


  • Monitor each managers performance against their agreed benchmarks. These will be bespoke for you, and where more than one investment approach is required in respect of different segments of your overall wealth, bespoke for each sub-portfolio
  • Help you to identify the level of risk that your manager(s) is/are taking relative to the total returns they achieve. IIC are market leaders in the use of bespoke, risk adjusted Benchmarks for this purpose.
  • Monitor the overall asset allocation and exposure to risk of your combined portfolios where more than one manager is appointed. We produce you one consolidated report each month or quarter. These contain no investment jargon, are easy to understand and provide both insight as well as oversight.
  • Assist you in having more meaningful discussions with your investment manager(s). We would attend meetings with your managers; help you to identify any issues of concern, and raise the appropriate questions with them.
  • Cost – flat fee or hourly rate agreed in advance


Monitoring and Benchmarking the ongoing performance of your managers is very important. Most managers use their own complex and often uninteligible composite Benchmarks