Review your investment manager

There are very few firms who provide an independent investment consultancy service who do not also wish to provide clients with investment advice on either a discretionary or advisory basis. This muddies the waters.

As its name would suggest the service I am offering is purely a consultancy one. No investment advice is given, and I am not paid commission or introductory fees by any third party.

Initial Service

  • Check that your existing managers have a clear understanding of your attitude to risk and your expectations from them
  • Explain industry definitions of “risk”. This will have greatly influenced any investment manager’s proposals to you and it is essential to ensure that this was assessed correctly and remains correct
  • Establish any income or known future capital requirements you may have and check that your manager is aware of these
  • Identify your long-term goals and those for your wider family. This may mean that it would be more appropriate for more than one investment approach to be adopted for different elements of your portfolio. Check that this is already being done
  • Provide you with an overview of how your manager(s) has/have performed in relation to the different asset classes within your portfolio(s) and whether the current portfolio construction is still suitable for your needs
  • Should you decide that you would like to meet one or more alternative mangers I would help you to select an appropriate number to submit outline proposals in advance of meeting you. This may include firms that you would like to consider because they have been recommended to you. Furthermore, from my knowledge of the market, I would suggest that you include a spread of firms offering different investment styles
  • Review and precis all written proposals and help you to shortlist those managers who will be invited to meet you and formally present their proposals
  • Attend the presentation meeting
  • Assist you in evaluating the different presentations and to fully understand each managers proposition. This is particularly important in relation to any investments being proposed that you are not familiar with (known as alternative investments)
  • Cost – a one off flat fee of £2500

Optional Ongoing Service

  • Monitor each managers performance against their agreed benchmarks. These will be be-spoke for each client and, where more than one approach is required in respect of different segments of your overall wealth, bespoke for each sub-portfolio
  • Help you to identify the level of risk that each manager is taking relative to the total returns achieved
  • Monitor the overall asset allocation and exposure to risk of your combined portfolios where more than one manager is appointed
  • Assist you in having more meaningful discussions with your investment manager(s)
  • Cost – £750 per quarter or £1000 every 6 months if you would prefer half yearly reports


“Helping you to save time and to ask your investment manager(s) the right questions”